When we decided it was time for a new home

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“When we decided it was time for a new home to fit our expanded family (3 young kids) we knew finding the right real estate agent would be crucial to having both a good buying and selling experience.

Gus was referred to us, and from our first meeting, it was clear our best interests would be his utmost concern. He quickly developed a rapport with us and our children; they were always happy to see ‘Uncle Gus’. We knew what we wanted and through the process Gus helped us understand what we needed. He is very knowledgeable, always accessible, minimizes stress, and is very patient. He was prepared to work with us for however long it would take to find the right home; it happened quicker than we thought and the offer process was effortless, even though it was a bidding war. Then, when we had to prepare our house for selling, it was all hands on deck and once again Gus over extended in many ways. He was very strategic and attentive to all the details of selling. We were very successful and thrilled with the outcome.

The ‘deals’ may be closed now but our experience with him has opened a lifelong relationship. We would highly recommend Agent Gus. Thank you Gus for everything!”

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