We would recommend Agent Gus

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When my wife and I decided to start looking at buying our first home for our young and expanding family (2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats) we agreed that the most important part of the process was to find a real estate agent whom we could trust to provide a very high level of expertise and service.

We subsequently canvassed our friends and family for recommendations and although we met a number of seemingly well qualified and experienced professionals, Agent Gus really stood out amongst his peers as someone we could implicitly trust to best guide us through this process. As a two professional household, our time is more valuable than our money and Agent Gus totally committed himself to getting to know us by first seeking to understand our needs and limitations, styles and tastes, then proceeded to educate us about the process of buying a home, market realities, managing the emotions of the process…in short, he invested a considerable amount of his time on the front-end so as to avoid wasting our time later on. Notwithstanding the time and energy he put into getting to know us, he is genuinely committed to providing the best counsel to his clients and is extremely open and honest; it was very apparent that he viewed our best interests as being in his best interest and he quickly gained both our trust and respect.

We would recommend Agent Gus without hesitation to anyone who asked.

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