We met Agent Gus purely by chance

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“We met Agent Gus purely by chance as he was working in our neighbourhood and knocked on our door seeking support for his nearby project. We spoke about his project and he had credible answers and supporting data to all our questions…this signalled that he had done his homework. We then parted company until two days later.

We had already sold our home and were in the process of finding a new home but didn’t let Gus know that we were considering making a realtor change. I spoke to my wife and suggested that we both meet Gus first to see if there was a fit and if there was, to engage him to help us find a condo or town home.

We were impressed because he knew virtually all the projects that we had already visited but what really got our attention was that he knew the history and future plans of most buildings or projects, so this gave us much more insight. In addition, using a program he had built he helped us see how common element fees could be an indicator of whether or not a unit was under or over valued, not only today but into the future so for a numbers guy like me, this was a bonus!!!

We ultimately found a town home that drew multiple offers but once we factored in the impact of common element fees, we knew where our ceiling offer was. We bid, we won, thanks Agent Gus.”

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