It came to us rather suddenly, when my husband and I decided that…

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“It came to us rather suddenly, when my husband and I decided that it was time to look for a more suitable home for our family. With two little children at home, we did not wish to face the many new construction projects about to embark on our calm Bloor West street. With heavy heart for leaving our community, and uncertainty about how to go about selling and buying in the competitive market at the time, we consulted Agent Gus.

We knew right away that Gus was perfect for this tasking this job. Not only was he very knowledgeable about the market, but he understood what it took to get our house listed within our tight timeline of 10 days. His relentless energy, positive attitude, vast network of service connections, and ever-present lending hand, kept us going full speed ahead in the right direction.

And while the staging and selling was going on, Gus was also continuously supplying us with new and existing listings, eager to take us out for showings. With his flashlight in hand, Gus was very diligent about every detail of each visited house; every nook and cranny.

Anticipating a quick sale of our current house, we looked forward to new beginnings. We were confident that Gus would guide us toward the perfect new home for our family. In the end, we sold our old house and signed an offer for our new house on the same night.

Our hard work paid off, and Agent Gus made this challenging and daunting endeavor a very smooth and enjoyable experience.

Thank you Gus for the passion and care! (…and for the pizza you brought over on that rainy moving night) :)”

Alexandra Pavlova Chow and Dominic Chow Lambton Baby Point and Islington-City Centre West, Toronto

“Gus, Claire and I want to thank you for your very generous gift, and guidance through the acquisition process in this very significant milestone in our lives. We are extremely excited, and looking forward to the work and challenges ahead. Sincerely, The Ramos Family.”

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